The Essential 55 Workbook: Revised and Updated

$ 17.00

From the Disney Teacher of the Year and New York Times bestselling author comes the ideal updated companion to the revised edition of The Essential 55.

Ron Clark's The Essential 55 took the country by storm, selling over one million copies. Now he provides a new edition of the companion workbook, with fresh exercises for teachers and parents to transform any child into a successful student.

The Essential 55 Workbook is full of easy-to-do lessons to help you reinforce The Essential 55 rules that every child should know, including ways to improve classroom learning and homework. With a series of self-tests, exercises, and questionnaires in the form of games, quizzes, word searches, and riddles, The Essential 55 Workbook encourages you to adapt Ron Clark's tools to your own situation. You'll get kids excited and proud of the effort they put forth. With determination, discipline, and regular rewards, the children you stick by will be the children you come to admire.

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