RCA House Wheel (Digital)

From $ 150.00



The House Wheel is a digital spinner that can be used virtually or in your classroom on a Mac or PC. 

$25 per user  |  $150 per school

The app includes the exact RCA House Wheel that is used at the Ron Clark Academy. Plus, the spinner is customizable so you can use your own art too! Create additional wheels with your house names, colors, and points; or create spinners for your lessons and interactive games. The possibilities are endless!

The app works on Mac and PC, and can be played on your computer's second display.

To install the app you will need Adobe Air. AIR is already installed on many machines, but if you need it you can download it at get.adobe.com/air. It’s quick, easy, and FREE. You only need to install it one time.

For questions, email houses@ronclarkacademy.com